Tips for Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

sewing machine close up

Sewing machines are like any other machine, they require maintenance. How often, and how thoroughly you carry out that maintenance – determines how long you’re your machine lasts. Maintenance doesn’t just mean replacing parts regularly and cleaning, it also includes the use of accessories – like covers, to prevent as well.

Let’s look at common practices for your sewing machine you can do to help maintain its health and save you the cost of repairs.

Sewing Machine Maintenance You Can Do At Home

Some aspects of maintenance are best left to the professionals, however there are some things you can carry out yourself.

Needle Change

Sometimes you’ll need to replace a needle because it has become bent or blunt, however, it’s best to avoid getting to this stage. Worn-out or broken needles put needless strain on the rest of your sewing machine. So, it’s best to replace them at regular intervals. Some recommend you replace the needle at the start of every project, or every 8 hours.

needle illustration

Oiling Your Sewing Machine

Ideally carried out directly after cleaning, keeping your sewing machine clean is paramount. Without oil the mechanisms in your machine will seize, leading to much bigger problems. So, it is very important to use a high-quality sewing machine oil regularly, to keep it running smoothly into old age. High-quality oil can be found in most shops and retailers, including Clifford Sewing Machines


Cleaning and Dust Removal

Keeping your sewing machine clean and free of lint is very important, especially at the start of a project. Using an air compressor to blow out all dust and debris is best, but if you don’t have access to that a brush and cloth will also do the trick.

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Professional Sewing Machine Maintenance From Clifford Sewing Machines

Most basic maintenance can be carried out at home, but if you really want to keep your machine in great shape – then using a professional is advised. Particularly if you’ve got a high-end, expensive commercial sewing machine, letting a professional maintain your machine a couple of times a year will greatly increase its life. They have the tools and the knowledge to dive further into your machine and its components.

They can individually clean parts and oil areas of the machine you wouldn’t normally have access to. If you own a high-value machine, or maybe you just want to increase the life of your home sewing machine, contact Clifford Sewing Machines today for all your maintenance and repair needs.

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