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We offer a range of sewing machines from Baby Lock in Swansea, from overlock and coverlock styles to speciality machines. Overlock machines can use different threads all at once to create unique overlock stitches, whereas the Baby Lock coverlock machines combine both overlock and coverstitch technologies. With many special features and easy operation, these machines will produce amazing designs.

Babylock Acclaim



The Acclaim from Baby Lock is an overlock machine with a range of fantastic features to make your creations stand out.


  • Button looping and needle threading with the push of a button.
  • No tension adjustments!
  • 2 inch space to the right of the needle makes a larger workspace.
  • 4/3/2 thread serging.
  • It also has 3 LED lights.
  • Exclusive wave stitch.
  • Differential feed.


Babylock Embellisher



The Embellisher is the perfect sewing machine for sewers, quilters and embroidery lovers. You will love what this machine can do with your designs.


  • 12 barbed needles that mesh fabric together without using thread.
  • You can add or remove any of the 12 needles.
  • It has a finger guard and cloth presser for safety and better fabric control.
  • Yarn port continuously feeds yarn (up to 4 mm in diameter).
  • Yarn and ribbon stand.
  • Ribbon guide.


Babylock Enspire



This compact design is small yet strong and easy to operate.


  • Overlock machine with jet-air threading system.
  • Looper system that offers fuss-free threading.
  • The auxiliary looper/converter can be activated for two-thread stitch.
  • Manual thread tension control.
  • Differential feed.
  • Built-in accessory storage.


Babylock Coverstitch



The Coverstitch is used for hems on stretchy materials, however this machine is perfect for all the trimmings.


  • Jet-air threading system.
  • Differential feed.
  • Drop feed system.
  • Triple cover stitch up to 6 mm.
  • Cover stitch – 3 mm and 6 mm.


Babylock Enlighten



This overlock machine boasts all the latest features and threading technology.

  • ExtraordinAir threading – takes all thread through loopers easily.
  • Automatic thread delivery.
  • Full featured differential feed for stronger feeding.
  • 3 LED lights.
  • Exclusive wave stitch.
  • 4/3/2 thread serging.
Babylock Desire 3

Desire 3


The Desire 3 is a combined coverlock and overlock machine.


  • Jet-air threading system.
  • Automatic thread delivery – never worry about thread tension!
  • Unique looping system for quick threading.
  • Many adjustment possibilities.
  • Differential feed.
  • Built-in accessory storage.


Babylock Ovation-min



This combine coverlock and overlock machine allows your creativity to flow.


  • Easy operation with a presser foot lever at the front of the machine.
  • Presser foot pressure dial allows you to handle each fabric individually.
  • Handle large projects with wider throat space.
  • Jet-air threading system.
  • Eyelet thread guide for textured yarns.
  • Automatic thread delivery system.
  • Exclusive wave stitch.
  • Differential feed and built-in accessory compartment.





The Gloria truly shows Baby Lock’s engineering innovation, as it has all the great features of their coverlock machines as well as:


  • RevolutionAir threading system – fully automated so you can thread the loopers and needle eyes easily with press of a button.
  • Knee lift and speed regulation for comfort and safety.
  • Presser foot lifter is placed on the side of the machine.
  • Large presser foot of 6 mm.
  • Automatic foot stop.
  • Wide throat space.
  • Eyelet thread guide.
  • Exclusive wave stitch.
  • And much more.


Babylock Sashiko



This machine replicates the hand-stitching technique known as Sashiko – you will be amazed by the delicate and elegant stitching!


  • You can vary the length and spacing of the stitches between 2 and 5 mm.
  • LED monitor.
  • Adjustable presser foot height.
  • Bobbin system conveniently placed for easy loading.
  • Accessory storage.


Babylock Victory



The Victory overlock machine offers simple and uncomplicated operation that gives great results.


  • Unique looper system.
  • Jet-air threading.
  • You will not have to worry about thread tension with the automatic delivery system.
  • LED Lights.
  • Differential feed.
  • Built-in accessory compartment.


Should I Choose a Coverlock, Coverstitch or Overlock Sewing Machine?

At Cliffords Sewing Machines, we have many years of experience with these machines and can provide expert advice on whether you should choose a coverlock, coverstitch or overlock machine. You can also visit the Baby Lock website for specifications on each machine.

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