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Elna Press are known for their quality and have become a symbol of innovation and Swiss design. Founded in 1940, Elna Press has introduced a range of ground-breaking ironing presses to the market. They design machines that are user-friendly yet advanced with many technological features. We offer Elna Press products in Swansea, and we are the only servicing and repair centre in the country! So, take a look at what we offer below.

Elna Press Accessories

Sleeve Board Cover (Zip Type)


The sleeve board cover is also a FRM cloth with built-in padding for comfort. Fits Opal Press and Limited Edition Press.



Made with FRM cloth – can be used for ironing pleats and hard to reach areas.

Main Board Foam Padding


This will give you the best ironing results. They need replacing from time to time.

Main Board Cover


This cover is available in a range of colours.

Protective Oil and Cleaning Stick


It is important to keep your machine clean and free of residue, and we have a range of cleaning materials available.

Dust Cover


A dust cover will protect your machine from dust and scratches so you can ensure it stays in the best condition.



Sleeve Board Cover & Foam pad Set (Tie Up)


This fits all older models inc. EP 31, EP 33 etc.

Elna Press Repairs and Accessories Centre

We are an Elna Press repairs and accessories centre based in Swansea. If you are having an issue with your ironing press, bring it to the experts today!

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