Simple Sewing Ideas For Your First Project

pin cushion

It’s not always easy to decide what to make for your first sewing project. Things can often look simple to construct, but when it comes to making them they can be much more complicated than expected. Make sure your first sewing projects are simple and rewarding by reading this guide first!


You can construct a few different styles of bag with relative ease. Tote bags are simple, as well as drawstring bags. Go for something with just one or two pockets for your first project. There are many beginner bag patterns out there to choose from, so you’ll have lots of choice. Select a durable fabric that isn’t going to be too difficult to sew. This means you’ll want to avoid anything too slippery, or anything thick like leather. These fabrics are better suited to those with a little experience under their belt.


Envelope pillows are really easy to construct and make a great first sewing project. Once you’ve made one, you can make more and more in any size you like. Choose some striking fabric and make them as jazzy as you like! With a little practise, you’ll soon be adding embellishments and creating stylish pillows for all your friends and family!

woman carrying out a sewing project with fabric and tape measure around her neck


Bunting is really easy to put together, but is a great way to practice the core skills of sewing. You can make bunting out of scraps, so you don’t need to invest too much money in this project. Use as many or as little patterns as you like, and get creative with shapes. Bunting makes an excellent gift and can be a great, eco-friendly alternative to disposable decorations.


If you want to start with clothing, skirts are usually a good beginner project. Choose the style carefully, as some will be more complicated than others. Simple skirts with elasticated waists are easy to construct and can be customised to the length that you please. Wrap skirts are also fairly easy, particularly if you choose a tie fastening instead of buttons.

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