A Guide To Sewing Machine Accessories

needlework and tailoring concept - sewing machine presser foot stitching fabric

When you’re at a sewing machine shop, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the array of accessories on offer. However, it’s easy to narrow down the right accessories for you, by reminding yourself what the purpose is: Quality of life.

You can find all the sewing machine accessories you need at Clifford Sewing Machines, but with such a wide selection let’s look at which might suit you.

Basic Must-Have Sewing Machine Shop Accessories

For the seasoned seamstress this will seem like stating the obvious, but for those of you just starting out you may need to know what some basic accessories are for your sewing machine. These are of course, quality of life additions to your sewing kit. Arguably though, you would not be able to sew anything at all without them.

These necessities when visiting the sewing machine shop are:


Anyone looking to start sewing will need a good pair of scissors. If you’re looking for a long, sharp, and well-made pair of scissors, this is an accessory it’s worth spending more than the bare minimum on, as you’ll be using them constantly.

Chalk and Measuring Tape

Secondly, a measuring tape and piece are chalk will make your life so much easier. Not only this, but you’ll see a vast improvement in the quality of your work when using these two items. They add both accuracy and attention to detail which is very important to a seamstress.



Just like scissors, this is worth mentioning. It’s stating the obvious to say you’ll need pins. A large box of them is advisable, as like the accessories mentioned above,  you’ll be using them constantly.

All of these will be available at any sewing machine shop – including Clifford Sewing Machines.

Advanced Sewing Machine Accessories

We’ve covered the basic additions to your sewing toolbox, now let’s get into more advanced to add to your kit:

Pin Cushion

You’ll have a lot of rogue pins lying about if you don’t have a pin cushion. Nobody wants to step on a pin, lose them or risk the health of their pets and children.

pin cushion

Sewing Gauge

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to unravel your measuring tape. Or maybe what you need is more precise. This is where a sewing gauge comes in. Extremely convenient for accurate and consistent measurements.

sewing gauge

Sewing Machine Cover

This seems obvious, but some machines do not come with a cover. A good, durable cover is of great importance for machine maintenance. It protects it from dust and moisture. If you have an expensive machine or just want it to last longer, get yourself a cover.

sewing cover

Extension Tables

This is a great tool to add to your machine. maybe you’re quilting, or maybe you just want some extra space. Perhaps you’re tired of not having room to place your other accessories. Whatever the reason, you’ll find a range of extension tables at any sewing machine shop.


Contact Clifford Sewing Sewing Machines For Quality Accessories

With these accessories, you’ll have a toolbox ready for any situation.If you’re looking for a sewing machine shop to acquire all these useful tools, then visit us at Clifford Sewing Machines or use the contact form below

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